According to a new study, marijuana may not be so effective for mental health issues.
The meta-analysis was published in The Lancet Psychiatry recently and included 83 studies, half of which were randomized controlled trials.

The study found that in general, the different versions of medicinal cannabis don’t have any clear therapeutic benefit for a range of disorders and that the risks may well outweigh the benefits. Although for anxiety, there may be some advantage.

Of the 83 studies, 42 looked at depression, 31 at anxiety, 12 at post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), 11 at psychosis, eight at Tourette syndrome, and three at attention deficit/hyper activity disorder (ADHD). Different formulations were used in the various studies, including THC alone, THC with CBD, or CBD alone.

The authors stated that there was “little evidence for the effectiveness of pharmaceutical CBD or medicinal cannabis for the treatment of any of these mental health disorders.”

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