According to a new survey, it’s restaurant and hotel workers in the state of Colorado that are smoking the most marijuana.

State health officials reported on Thursday that 30% of people who are employed in the restaurant and hotel industry have admitted to using marijuana.

The next arena with a high number of people admitting to using the drug are people working in arts, recreation, and entertainment at 28%.

Less than 6% reported to smoke or eat marijuana in the education, public administration, mining, oil and gas, fields.

Roberta Smith and her colleagues at the Colorado department of health wrote in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly report, “Employers and safety professionals in states where marijuana use is legal have expressed concerns about potential increases in occupational injuries, such as on-the-job motor vehicle crashes, related to employee impair­ment.”

“Among the 10,169 workers, the industry with the high­est prevalence of current marijuana use (30 percent) was Accommodation and Food Services,” Smith and her colleagues wrote.

“Reported current use of marijuana was lower in industries that are known to perform routine drug testing on employees such as the Healthcare and Social Assistance (7.4 percent); Utilities (5.8 percent); and Mining, Oil, and Gas industries (5.2 percent),” her team also found.

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