It was on Thursday, July 27th, that the capital of Tennessee, Tallahassee, opened a new medical marijuana dispensary. There are 24,000 patients registered with the state to receive medical cannabis.

The dispensary, called Knox Marijuana Dispensary, is located off of Glenview Drive on Thomasville Road. This is the company’s third dispensary to open and CEO Bruce Knox is hoping for more. According to Knox, he is hoping for a statewide footprint.
Knox remarked, “There’s patients in need here. We have a lot of customers that we’ve been doing delivery service to in this market. So we want to have a location here for those patients to come in to the dispensary.”

“I don’t know anybody who hasn’t been touched that could benefit from medical cannabis. So it really gets down to me and for our organization that it’s all about the patient. And it’s trying to produce the highest quality medication, and give the most reliable, consistent dosage for that patient,” said Knox.

The new dispensary will serve patients who are registered with the Office of Compassionate Use and it currently offers two forms of cannabis, including a vapor and droplets.

The company plans to open three more locations later on in Jacksonville, Lake Worth, and Saint Petersburg.

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