Compared to recent times, the municipal and state regulations seem somehow relaxed and this has as a matter of fact resulted into the appearing of the cannabis-related businesses in droves in most of the valley cities.

This sends out the question as to whether or not the security of the facilities is guaranteed and that concern is also closely followed by another where concerned parties are of course questioning the safety of the surrounding communities.

In as much as the city governments continue to lean towards taking advantage of the potential lift in the tax revenue, major concerns have started cropping up from citizens in a number of cities and that has in some way caused the city councils to move forward and slow down the process as well as scrutinize the effects dispensary as well as cultivation has had on the high crime rates as well as economies.

Particularly in the Cathedral City, the council was compelled to establish a temporary moratorium on new dispensary applications which followed concerns by businesses as well as residents.

The parties were revolting against pricing of the local businesses out of the real estate market. These concerns were further exacerbated following the robbery exacted to a marijuana delivery person who was held at gunpoint while making the delivery.

But, criminology researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas failed to establish any correlation between the increased crime rate and the medical marijuana legalization.

According to reports from the Drug Policy Alliance, a group of advocates entrusted with the lobbying for the decriminalization of drugs, marijuana being one of them brought it out clearly that indeed the statistics from the Colorado and Washington court systems showcased a major drop in the rate of the violent crime.

It was also made clear that property crime since recreation marijuana had been legalized in those particular states. Advancements in technology, according to top company executives are expected to go a long way towards helping revolutionize security for the cannabis industry. However, it is very important to outline the great need to have everything installed in a proper way!

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