Nashville state lawmaker Rep. Bob Freeman, wants to legalize recreational cannabis in the state of Tennessee.

Freeman’s bill will legalize the growth, sale and possession of marijuana in Tennessee.

Freeman said he thinks with neighboring states legalizing recreational cannabis means the legislature in Tennessee should discuss it as well.

“The thinking is, we’ve been round and round on this issue for the last three years that I’ve been in the legislature,” said Freeman. “We’ve talked about medical, we’ve talked about doing a commission to study it. The end goal is always going to be full legalization like we see in other states.”

Freeman would like for the bill to be heard in the agriculture committee since he believes farmers would support the bill. The lawmaker showed a Gallop poll that revealed 68% support for full cannabis legislation nationwide.

“I believe that, financially, it makes good sense for our state,” he said. “All of the states around us are either contemplating, hearing bills this year and or have passed bills already. We don’t need to be the last ones standing.”

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