The American Bar Association (ABA) just showed some major support for marijuana legislation.

It was during the group’s annual meeting on Monday in San Francisco that the ABA’s House of Delegates passed a resolution which Congress to end the draconian federal laws that have led to “regulatory quagmire” for states where cannabis is legal.

There was no opposition met on the resolution.

‘When the Bar Association gets behind something, for a lot of elected officials it gives that position credibility that it wouldn’t otherwise have.’ said Keith Stroup, NORML founder.

Their proposal has three recommendations which revolve around removing cannabis from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.

“The reason I think this is significant is because the ABA is traditionally so conservative,” Stroup said to Leafly. “I’m thrilled to see it. It seems to be they did a pretty thorough job. I thought all three recommendations were right on.”

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