State officials in the state of Massachusetts have issued a final license to first Boston marijuana dispensary.

The dispensary was also the state’s first economic empowerment applicant to get a final license.
It was this Thursday that Pure Oasis, a planned dispensary on Blue Hill Avenue in

Dorchester, became the first marijuana retailer in Boston to receive a final license from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission.

The dispensary still needs a “commence operations” notice from the CCC before it can actually begin adult-use marijuana sales.

Pure Oasis was the first applicant in the CCC’s economic empowerment program.
CCC Chairman Steve Hoffman said, “We’ve had many milestones during the course of the commission’s history. We have a lot more work to do, as I constantly say, so I expect there will be future milestones as well. I know there will be. But this is an important milestone. … I’d like to wish Pure Oasis the best of luck.”

“It’s worth noting that the commission has to prioritize economic empowerment applicants, but cities and towns do not,” said Commissioner Shaleen Title. “So I want to acknowledge the city of Boston for voluntarily having a long-term vision and implementing it, and taking this step toward equity and fairness.”

Kobie Evans, the co-owner of Pure Oasis said on Twitter, “We are very excited to have made it to this point and look forward to building Pure Oasis into a viable and sustainable enterprise.”

Evans told WBUR that they aim to open Pure Oasis by March.

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