Houston is gearing up for its very first cannabis oil store to open its doors.

Houston’s Original American Shaman Cannabidiol (CBD) store will be opening up shop in Fort Bend County very soon.

The store, which is at 9203 Highway 6, is set to open Sept. 22.

It was in July that the owners of Kansas City-based CBD American Shaman said they’ve experienced a spike in demand and now have big expansion plans for Texas.

It was then that Vince Sanders, the company’s CEO, said they just opened the company’s fourth CBD-oil specialty shop in North Texas.

“So many people have been through the pharmaceutical rabbit hole and found that the side effects are worse than what they were trying to treat to begin with!” said Sanders.

According to the company, its CBD hemp products are natural and very effective, relieve stress and anxiety, help in maintaining focus, have no mind altering or serious after effects, and relieve pains and so many other conditions.

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