Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) Offers Exposure to Rapidly Growing International Markets…and a “Dream Team” of Successful Cannabis Entrepreneurs

This could be the most attractive cannabis play for the rest of 2019…and beyond.

Investors looking to take advantage of opportunities in the cannabis space know that growth opportunities in Canada and the United States are becoming more difficult to find thanks to market saturation, rigid regulatory regimes and challenging growing conditions.

But true growth potential can be found in markets that look similar to how Canada’s cannabis market looked five years ago.

One high-upside company worth considering today is a company – created by a group of cannabis pioneers – that is currently assembling a best-in-class portfolio of assets in the highest-upside international markets.

This company, Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE), offers investors a chance to invest alongside some of the world’s most successful cannabis entrepreneurs who have already assembled an impressive deal pipeline…and are quickly becoming a significant global player in the cannabis industry.

Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) is Quickly Building an Impressive Portfolio of International Cannabis Assets

Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) is a Canadian company focused on the development and acquisition of international cannabis assets. The Company’s goal is to unlock value in new jurisdictions.

Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) is led by a “Dream Team” of cannabis entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses in the past and who have a pipeline of deals in place for the near-term.

In fact, one of its co-founders, Michael Galego, was a Co-Founder and Director of ICC Labs, which sold to Aurora Cannabis (TSX – ACB) in November 2018 for approximately C$290 million.

What makes Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) worth considering for investors is that the company now has assets very similar to ICC Labs’ assets at the time of sale…but is currently valued at approximately $80 million. So the potential exists for significant growth.

Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) Offers Investors Exposure to the World’s Fastest-Growing Cannabis Markets

Terrace Global Inc.’s (TSXV – TRCE) operations will expand across South America, Europe and other continents with the company poised to become a leading dry flower and derivatives producer globally.

This focus on international opportunities is designed to take advantage of the most attractive growth opportunities in cannabis.

Investors have seen the explosion in growth – and market saturation – that has taken place in Canada over the last five years.

With Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) investors now have an opportunity to invest in international markets hand-picked for their significant growth potential…by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the cannabis space.

In fact, Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) has already secured production assets in low cost jurisdictions and maintains a proprietary deal pipeline to acquire additional production capacity.

Here is a quick look at some of the assets the company has already secured:

* Uruguay — Terrace’s ownership of Oransur, S.A. gives the company access to an operation of 150 acres located in Florida, Uruguay with the ability to expand production area to 1,250 acres. And Terrace’s investment in Faises gives the company one of only two licenses in Uruguay to produce and distribute recreational cannabis. Current production at Faises is 2 tons per year with the opportunity to increase to 4 tons per year.

* Spain – Terrace owns 100% of Pharmabinoide S.L., a licensed producer of hemp in Spain with approximately 100 acres of hemp operations located in Jaen. Pharmabinoide is in the process of being accredited by the Spanish Medicines and Health Products Agency (AEMPS) to allow its products to be certified for medical and research purposes.

* Portugal – Terrace owns 100% of Terra Nova, a Portuguese company positioned to be a leading European producer of medical cannabis and industrial hemp. In December 2018, INFARMED, I.P., the governing regulatory body in Portugal, issued a declaration (or pre-license) to Terra Nova with respect to the construction of a 350,000 square foot greenhouse and 2.5 acres of outdoor cultivation.

MariMed, Inc. (OTC: MRMD) Is an Important Strategic Partner for Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE)

MariMed, Inc. is a U.S. multi-state developer and operator of medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation, production and dispensary facilities. It is dedicated to improving health and wellness with the highest quality cannabis and hemp-derived CBD products.

MariMed, Inc. currently owns approximately 6% of Terrace – making the company an important strategic partner. No other international cannabis company has a U.S. multi-state operator as a strategic partner – only Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE).

Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) will undoubtedly benefit from MariMed’s strategic relationship and its significant investment in GenCanna, as MariMed will be collaborating with Terrace.

A “Dream Team” of Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Builders are Leading Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE)

Investors looking for companies with impressive upside potential should be sure to closely examine the leadership team in charge of any company they’re considering an investment in.

All too often, companies making lofty promises about their growth potential are being led by individuals who have never achieved success in their industry…and that should be a huge red flag for investors.

The leaders running Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) are not a collection of investment bankers or cannabis hopefuls looking to build their first business.

Instead, the successful entrepreneurs who have come together at Terrace Global Inc. have a track record of building – and selling – impressive companies, including the co-founder of ICC Labs (sold to Aurora), co-founder of MedReleaf (sold to Aurora), co-founder of Bedrocan (sold to Canopy), co-founder of Tokyo Smoke (sold to Canopy) and Tuenti – the “Spanish Facebook” (sold to Telefonica).

Francisco Ortiz von Bismarck – CEO & Director

Francisco Ortiz von Bismarck is an international entrepreneur and founder of Terrace, who brings extensive investment experience across Europe and South America. Mr. Ortiz has been an entrepreneur and investor since he finished university. In 2006, he co-founded and was the first investor in the “Spanish Facebook”, called “Tuenti”, sold to Telefonica in 2010. From 2009 until 2018, Mr. Ortiz was the Business Development Manager of GT

Group, a multi-family wealth management firm based in Zürich, Switzerland. In 2011, Mr. Ortiz co-founded Inception Capital S.L., a venture capital fund focused in seed Internet investments in Spain. Over the years, Mr. Ortiz created and invested in several other tech start-ups such as Youzee Entertainment in Spain (2011), Dupli Limited in Malta (2014), and Y Experiment in Poland (2015).

Michael Galego – Director

Michael Galego is an executive and lawyer with M&A and corporate finance experience. Mr. Galego is currently CEO of Apolo Capital Advisory Corp. and sits on the board of directors of several public and private companies. Mr. Galego was a co-founder and director of ICC Labs (TSXV – ICC) until its sale to Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX – ACB) in November 2018. Mr. Galego served as CEO at the Stronach Group, Agricultural Division. Mr. Galego began his legal career as an associate in the business law department of Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP.

Ben Wedeking – Head of Cultivation

Ben Wedeking has led cannabis projects in Israel (Tikun Olam), Germany and Netherlands (Bedrocan). Mr. Wedeking has extensive experience growing both hemp and cannabis indoors, outdoors and in greenhouse facilities. Mr. Wedeking has a BA in Agricultural Studies and a Masters in Process and Quality Management from Humboldt University.

Leon Dadoun – Chief Financial Officer

Leon Dadoun is a debt capital markets expert with more than 30 years of experience in the Canadian, U.S. and European financial markets with a particular emphasis on Banking and Structured Finance. Among various senior roles he has been Managing Director for Global Securitization at CIBC World Markets. Mr.Dadoun was responsible for developing and issuing the first Credit Card Securitizations by CIBC, Canadian Tire and MBNA in Canada. Mr. Dadoun successfully grew the securitization business from $3 billion in outstandings to $15 billion in outstandings. He went on to be the Founder and CEO of a structured credit boutique which formed as a joint-venture with Desjardins. He has co-founded NHA MBS Issuers Association, American Securitization Forum and helped structure the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Canada Mortgage

Mr. Dadoun has significant experience with bank regulators and has collaborated with the Basel Committee on Global Banking Regulation in drafting the Basel II and Basel III Accord on capital adequacy reforms for the global banking system.

Stephen Arbib – Director

In 2013, Stephen Arbib founded MedReleaf (TSX: LEAF), the first and only ISO 9001 certified cannabis producer in North America and one of the global leaders in the production and research of medicinal cannabis which recently sold to Aurora Cannabis Inc. for $3.2 billion. Having founded the company, Mr. Arbib was involved with every facet of the business since inception up until MedReleaf went public, at which point he stepped off the board but continued in an advisory capacity until the sale to Aurora. In 2013, Mr. Arbib also founded Momentum Solutions, one of the world’s leading logistics and life support service providers, specializing in humanitarian and emergency operations, and currently serves as CEO. Stephen is also the co-founder of Cycura Inc., an offensive cyber security firm which provides advanced, customized, and confidential cyber security services to governments, companies, and organizations with particularly high intellectual property (IP) value as well as critical data protection needs such as infrastructure.

Vincent Gasparro – Director

Vincent Gasparro has over eleven years of private equity experience. Mr. Gasparro has completed acquisitions in the manufacturing and retail sectors. From June 2010 to April 2017, Mr. Gasparro served as Managing Director at The Green Tomorrow Fund, which invested in and financing renewable energy projects as well as revenue generating green businesses. Prior to that, Mr. Gasparro was a Senior Associate at Succession Capital Corp.

Terrace Global Inc. (TSXV – TRCE) also boasts a very impressive International Advisory Board that includes two former ministers of foreign affairs and two founding shareholders of very impressive cannabis businesses in their own right.

Lorne Gertner

Mr. Gertner is a serial entrepreneur with experience in start-ups, going public transactions, fashion, retail, architecture, real estate, finance and cannabis. Mr. Gertner is a co-founder and former chairman of PharmaCan Capital Corporation (MMJ.V) (now Cronos), Canada’s first publicly traded merchant bank in the medical marijuana sector with investments in five of the thirty-eight legal licensed producers in Canada. He is also a co-founder of Tokyo Smoke. Mr. Gertner was a Co-founder and Director of Cannasat Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CYNA), the first medical marijuana company to be listed on the Toronto stock exchange with an investment in the first government contracted facility growing medical marijuana in Canada called Prairie Plant Systems now called Cannimed Therapeutics Inc. (CMED.TO).

Hon. James Peterson

A former federal Minister and Secretary of State, Jim Peterson has extensive knowledge and first-hand experience of government affairs. He served the Government of Canada as Minister of International Trade, Secretary of State (International Financial Institutions), and Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.

A former Minister of International Trade between 2003 and 2006, Mr. Peterson has extensive experience in trade policy and trade disputes. While minister, Mr. Peterson represented Canada at the World Trade Organization’s Doha round of negotiations, which were focused on expanding trade and investment in leading emerging markets Brazil, Russia, India and China, and with complex issues related to trade with Canada’s NAFTA partners, the European Union, the Middle East and the Americas.

While Secretary of State from 1997 to 2002, Mr. Peterson was instrumental in piloting significant financial institution reforms through Parliament including legislation permitting foreign bank branching and aligning Canada with international standards in the fight against money laundering and terrorism. He also handled the insurance industry demutualization file. Working with caucus and stakeholders, Mr. Peterson approved major financial institution mergers including BNS – National Trust, Great West Life – London Life, Clarica – Met Life, and TD – Canada Trust.

Mr. Peterson served as Chair of the House of Commons Finance Committee between 1993 and 1997. While there, he began the practice of public pre-budget hearings and completed a number of major studies including a review of Canada’s value added tax (the GST). Mr. Peterson retired from the House of Commons in 2007 after 23 years of public service as the Member of Parliament for Willowdale (Toronto). Mr. Peterson is currently counsel at Fasken Martineu DuMoulin LLP in Toronto.

Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman is an accomplished real estate and infrastructure developer as well as business builder with over 25 years of work experience. Mr. Goldman started his career in commercial real estate and subsequently founded, built, and sold one of the country’s most successful renewable energy development firms. Mr. Goldman joined Stafford Developments in 1995 and became the president in 2015. Stafford is a diversified private property development company that carries out land development, construction, and property management with its sister company Goldman Group.

Mr. Goldman’s family were founding shareholders of Bedrocan and subsequently significant shareholders of Canopy Growth (TSX – WEED).

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