ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) is the World’s First Vertically Integrated International Cannabis Play

The worldwide trend toward marijuana legalization has triggered a wave of growth opportunities for investors.

And the growth is projected to continue – in a huge way – over the next several years.

In fact, According to industry analyst Arcview Research, the global legal marijuana market is expected to reach $146.4 billion by the end of 2025 – and will see a compound annual growth rate of 24.9% from 2017 to 2025i.

Already, a number of companies have helped investors collect double- and triple-digit returns over the past 12-18 months as Canada prepares for legalization of recreational Cannabis on October 17.

But the best opportunities are still ahead for investors.

Here’s what I mean:

As the North American market continues to mature, investors looking for maximum upside potential should consider looking beyond North America.

Right now one company – ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) – offers significant growth potential thanks to a powerful business model:

ICC International Cannabis is the world’s fastest-growing vertically integrated global Cannabis company.

Think about the advantages of vertical integration – especially in the rapidly-growing legal Cannabis market.

Companies that control growth, production AND distribution can control the entire market. Not only can vertically integrated companies maximize efficiency and reliability…then also enjoy tremendous advantages over any competitors in the space.

In the midst of such explosive global growth – with many nations still in the early stages of developing their legal marijuana markets – establishing an early, dominant position in the market can be critical.

ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) is not just establishing a presence in new markets…they’re also looking to establish control of all phases of production and distribution in each market.

ICC International Cannabis Corp: An International Cannabis Industry Consolidation Platform

ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) is working to plan, design, build and operate the highest quality, lowest cost Cannabis production, processing and distribution facilities worldwide.

Thanks to its experienced, visionary leadership team, ICC International Cannabis Corp. has an in-depth understanding of both the Cannabis and biomedical industries. Plus, the company has world-class experience within the many associated Cannabis industry vehicles and derivatives.

ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) through its subsidiaries, has agreements in place for European-based pharmaceutical distribution, wholesale importation, research & development, as well as working interests in industrial hemp licenses in Greece, licenses to cultivate, produce, distribute, store and export Cannabis and Cannabis derivatives in Colombia, the Kingdom of Lesotho, Africa and Denmark.

Denmark – ICC International Cannabis controls licenses for Cannabis cultivation and manufacturing in the Kingdom of Denmark via its investment in Danavian Cannbis Ltd.

The company’s entry into Denmark mirrors industry peers such as Canopy Growth Corporation, Green Organic Dutchman Holdings, Aurora Cannabis Inc. and CannTrust Holdings in obtaining one of only twelve Cannabis cultivation licenses issued in Denmark.

Colombia – ICC International Cannabis Corp. holds a letter of intent to acquire a 100% interest in Cannabis Medical Group SAS, a Colombian entity that holds licenses to cultivate, produce, hold, sell and export Cannabis and Cannabis derivatives and holds 13 acres of optimal agricultural land in Funza, a safe, conveniently-located growth region.

Africa – ICC International Cannabis Corp. has licenses to cultivate, produce, distribute, store and export Cannabis in Africa via its assets: CanAfrica Holdings and Aricannabis BioTech Corp. CanAfrica Holdings holds a cultivation license in Lesotho, Africa – an area with an ideal climate for low-cost greenhouse Cannabis production and the first African nation to legalize Cannabis in 2017.

ICC’s African developments mirror industry peers, such as Canopy Growth Corp., Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. and Aphria Inc. Earlier this year, Canopy acquired Daddy Cann Lesotho Pty. Ltd. for $28.8-million. Daddy Cann and ICC’s CanAfrica have been awarded identical medical cannabis licenses by the Kingdom of Lesotho. In March of 2018, Supreme Cannabis invested $10-million for a 10-per-cent stake in Lesotho’s MediGrow Holdings Pty. Ltd…and Aphria Inc. recently announced a joint venture with Lesotho-based Verve Dynamics. The company believes that it is well positioned to capitalize on its flagship African asset while maximizing shareholder value.

Greece – The company has working interests in an industrial hemp license in Greece via its investment in EU Cannabis Corp – with three licenses covering a total of 16 acres within the Greek prefecture of Imathia.

Breaking News: Greek Government Performing Final Review of ICC International Cannabis Corp’s Medical Cannabis Cultivation ApplicationOn Monday, October 1 ICC International Cannabis Corp. announced that it had received notice that the Greek Government is performing its final review on ICC’s Greek medical Cannabis cultivation application. The company expects to receive final approval from the Greek government in the coming weeks.

ICC controls a 16-acre land parcel situated in northern Greece, which upon receipt of the medicinal Cannabis license will be dedicated to medical grade Cannabis cultivation, extraction, distribution, as well as research and development. ICC’s distribution network of approximately 35,000 pharmacies throughout 16 countries will complement the Company’s Greek cultivation capabilities.

Key Statistics for ICC International Cannabis Corp.

  • 110 Clients…representing approximately 35,000 pharmacies in 16 countries
  • 13 Hectares…of optimal agricultural land dedicated to Cannabis cultivation located in Funza, Colombia
  • 16 Acres…of fertile agricultural land dedicated to industrial cultivation and CBD extraction situated within the Greek prefecture of Imathia
  • 2,800 Pharmacies…included in ICC International Corp’s distribution portfolio of independent and corporate pharmacies across South Africa
  • 473,000 Square Feet…fully automated IMC-GAP, ISO:9001 and European GMP-compliant greenhouse facility to be constructed in Denmark
  • 4 Licenses…for cultivation, spanning three continents.

Auxly Cannabis Group (TSX.V: XLY); (OTC:CBWTF) and ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) Announce Strategic Partnership Investment

Just recently – on September 17, 2018 – ICC International Cannabis Corp. announced a potentially game-changing strategic investment by Auxly Cannabis (TSX.V: XLY); (OTC:CBWTF).

Auxly recently completed a $5 million strategic investment into ICC International Cannabis Corp. by way of convertible debentures. The marriage of ICC and Auxly adds a significant amount of option value to the international platforms of both companies, effectively expanding their collective international footprint to 22 countries across five continents.

Auxly has also acquired option value on all of the ICC assets by way of various rights of first refusal. Specifically, Auxly retains the following rights of first refusal to:

  • Supply ICC’s extensive world-wide distribution channels in the event that ICC is looking to source Cannabis products from third parties…
  • Any sale or off-take agreement pursuant to which ICC intends to sell or distribute Cannabis products to any third party…
  • Purchase any of ICC’s assets (including its subsidiaries) in the event it intends to sell any such assets to a third party…
  • License any intellectual property owned or developed by ICC, or its subsidiaries, in the event that ICC intends to license any such intellectual property.

Eugene Beukman, CEO and Director of ICC International Cannabis Corp., said of the partnership:

“We are very fortunate to have attracted a partner like Auxly. Their support is a further validator of our conviction that international opportunities in the right jurisdictions are likely to represent the next major growth and focus area for capital, as these significant markets mature and develop. Our licenses and target licenses in Europe and Latin America blanket a massive population of eligible and interested consumers.

ICC International Cannabis Corp. is Establishing a Dominant Position in the Next Great Cannabis Market: Colombia

Since legalizing medical marijuana in 2015, Colombia has developed the most comprehensive medical Cannabis market in all of Latin America.

Thanks to lower production costs – along with ideal growing conditions and a massive addressable market – a number of forward-thinking companies have looked to Colombia for its growth potential.

ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) is moving aggressively to establish an early dominant position in the up-and-coming Colombian market.

Via its subsidiary, Cannabis Medical Group SAS, ICC International Cannabis Corp. has acquired 13 hectares of optimal agricultural land located in Funza, the heart of the Bogota savanna, which is also one of the safest areas in Colombia. It is conveniently located within a 20-kilometre drive to Bogota’s international airport. The lease on this land has been prepaid for a period of 10 years.

In addition, on October 4, 2018 ICC International Cannabis Corp. announced that it had broken ground on its Colombian Cannabis Centre of Excellence. This facility will serve as headquarters for the company’s flagship property, located in the heart of the Bogota Savannah in Funza, Colombia.

Once complete, this Centre of Excellence will act as a collaboration facility, where renowned industry growers, geneticists and service providers can assemble and pursue revolutionary Cannabis centric projects and initiatives.

ICC International Cannabis Corp. believes that this project will help catapult Colombia into a world-class Cannabis cultivation jurisdiction.

ICC’s Colombian Cannabis Park is forecasted to produce between 25,000 and 40,000 kilograms of dried Cannabis flowers per year. Once fully optimized, ICC’s Colombian assets are projected to generate up to 500,000 kilograms of dried Cannabis flower per annum.

ICC International Cannabis Corp’s Large – and Growing – Distribution Network

In June 2018, ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) announced that it had acquired a 50% stake in Marathon Global, Inc. to help build a foundation for its global distribution network.

Through its 50% interest in Marathon Global, ICC International Cannabis Corp. is now part of the company’s exclusive agreement with Cosmos Holdings, a European-based pharmaceutical distributor.

This agreement calls for the procurement and distribution of medical cannabis products – and all cannabis derivatives – for clients of Cosmos within its network of 110 clients, representing 35,000 pharmacies in 16 countries across Europe.

But those 35,000 pharmacies are just the beginning of ICC International Cannabis Corp’s distribution network.

In August 2018, ICC International Cannabis Corp. announced that it had acquired Aricannabis BioTech Corp.

Aricannabis works on an exclusive basis with NuCare Health to provide Cannabis products to over 2,800 independent and corporate pharmacies across South Africa.

This acquisition – and entry into the South African market – could prove to be the first step in future expansion throughout the rest of Africa in the near future.

ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) Appears to Be Significantly Undervalued…For Now

With a relatively modest market cap of $91.8 million, ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) would appear to be significantly undervalued when compared to other companies operating in the Cannabis space.

Companies like Aurora Cannabis (market cap of $11.9 billion)…Canopy Growth (market cap of $14.3 billion)…and even Auxly Cannabis Group (market cap of $524.1 million) have seen explosive growth over the past 12-18 months.

As more investors become aware of the emergence of ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) as a true vertically integrated global Cannabis company – with dominant positions in several up-and-coming markets – the company could see significant growth in its valuation.

Investors looking for high upside potential in the Cannabis space should perform their due diligence – including visiting the company’s web site: https://intlcannabiscorp.com/ — and consider adding shares of ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD); (OTC: KHNBF) as soon as possible.


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