Smart Investors Are Looking to this Virtually Untapped Market of 620 Million People for the Next Growth Opportunity

Global Medical Cannabis Leader Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSX.V: KHRN) is Now Perfectly Positioned for Early-Stage Growth Potential

A unique scenario – what many call a “time machine” investment opportunity – is now unfolding in the legal marijuana market.

Thanks to a massive market – of up to 620 million people – that remains virtually untapped…

One first-to-market company stands poised to follow the successful path that many Canadian marijuana companies have taken over the past several years.

That company – under-the-radar Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSX.V: KHRN) – right now offers investors a unique high-upside investment opportunity that is possibly best described as stepping back in time and investing in the Canadian cannabis market just a few years ago – before the market exploded.

Imagine the type of gains you could have made by investing in the early stages of this trend. Because the reality is that Canadian cannabis companies have soared over the past few years, with success stories like:

  • MedReleaf Corp. (TSE: LEAF) – market cap $2.44 billion – has shot up 150.65% over the last eleven months…
  • Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB) – market cap $4.55 billion – has soared 222.6% over the last 12 months.
  • Aphria Inc. (TSE: APH) – market cap $2.37 billion – has climbed by 710.95% in the last two years…
  • Canopy Growth Corp. (TSE: WEED) – market cap $5.98 billion – has shot up 1,066% over the last two years…
  • And Cronos Group Inc. (TSX.V: CRON) – market cap $1.36 billion – has risen an astounding 3,500% over the last two years…

Now…the opportunities for high upside potential from Canada’s legal cannabis market have largely disappeared as more producers have emerged.

But other markets around the world – especially those that have remained virtually untapped – can offer investors a chance to “travel back in time” for another high-upside legal cannabis investment opportunity.

Latin America: The Next Wave of Investment Potential for the Global Marijuana Boom

Latin America is one of the largest and most dynamic trade regions in the world and has attracted a significant amount of foreign investment capital.

With a combined population of more than 620 million, there is a massive opportunity for a company with the right expertise – and a history of success – to deliver high upside potential for its investors.

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSX.V: KHRN) – a Canadian integrated medical cannabis product development company with its core operations in Colombia – looks to be just such a company.

Khiron Life Sciences combines best-in-class international cannabis science and expertise with extensive local market capabilities. I’ll tell you more about Khiron’s unique advantages in the market in just a moment. First, though, I need to tell you about…

Colombia: The Growth Engine Fueling Latin America

Make no mistake – the Colombia of today is nothing like the fictionalized and sensationalized Colombia of 25 years ago that was depicted in the Netflix series Narcos.

Instead, Colombia is a strong, rapidly-growing nation that has delivered average GDP growth of 3.36% over the last six years.

And between 2002 and 2014, Colombia cut its poverty rate in half – with more than 6 million people leaving poverty.

Now, thanks to the ongoing global marijuana boom, Colombia stands ready to take advantage of its many cultivation advantages and become a leading worldwide supplier of medical cannabis.

“Colombia looks to become the world’s supplier of legal pot.”
Washington Post

Cannabis growers in Colombia can cultivate their product for a fraction of the cost paid by growers in Canada or the United States where those companies use warehouses, high-powered sun lamps and climate control.

Colombia offers cannabis companies like Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSX.V: KHRN):

  • Equatorial sunshine…tropical rainfall…and a robust cut-flower industry, which make for a perfect growing environment.
  • Multiple development centers and regions coupled with a growing middle class securing a greater demand for products and services.
  • A nation ranked 10th worldwide and 1st in Latin America in the food sustainability index.
  • A trade platform with over 16 Trade Agreements enabling investors to reach third markets with preferential access.

How Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSX.V: KHRN) Has Emerged as the Potential Market Leader in Latin America

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSX.V: KHRN) has quickly emerged as the potential market leader in the Colombian cannabis space thanks to a number of competitive advantages the company brings to market.

First…Khiron’s unique business model is focused on investing in medical and scientific research & development, developing high quality products and obtaining medical validation to build doctor and patient brand loyalty.

Simply put, Khiron’s goal is to become the dominant brand in the minds of both doctors and patients in Latin America.

A key element of Khiron’s strategic development strategy is to focus on engaging and educating the medical community in Colombia and across Latin America about the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

To that end, the company has sponsored numerous medical and scientific driven conferences across the markets it operates in to help build relationships – including hosting future conferences in the six largest cities in Colombia.

Khiron is focused on producing high value branded pharmaceutical grade products at competitive prices compared to other medical cannabis producers. This translates into strong overall gross margins based on enhanced revenues and reduced costs of goods sold.

Khiron’s products will be produced utilizing Israeli standard operating procedures for medical cannabis, medical grade strains (THX and CBD) and GMP compliant methods of extraction and product formulation.

These products can be produced at approximately one-tenth the capital cost and cost of goods on flower as Canadian licensed producers, due to perfect growing conditions for cannabis in Colombia, an abundance of water and power, competitive raw material and advantageous labor costs.

A second advantage that Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSX.V: KHRN) enjoys is that the company is a market leader in the area of policy and regulation.

Security for Khiron is being headed by the United States DEA’s former Chief of Pharmaceutical Investigations, Matt Murphy.

Mr. Murphy – recently featured on television’s 60 Minutes for his role in combatting the opioid crisis – spent 25 years with the DEA in a variety of positions…and brings his expertise in policy and security to Khiron in Latin America.

Through DEA relationships, Khiron has established strong relationships with local military and law enforcement to ensure security of the site.

This includes fulsome SOPs to prevent product divergence, which includes technological and physical security measures. Khiron’s forward-thinking protocol security measures have set the standard for other participants in the market.

Khiron Enjoys a Six-Month “First-to-Market” Advantage in Colombia

A third advantage for Khiron is that the company has a six-month head-start in the market – thanks to its early entry and its extensive expertise on policy – at the precise time when the “starting gun” is going off for Colombian marijuana growth.

Khiron has all the required licenses in Colombia to cultivate, produce extracts and distribute products both within Colombia and to export internationally.

Khiron is the first Colombian medical cannabis company to list its shares on any exchange globally. This is the same first mover capital markets advantage as the largest companies in Canada.

Many investors suggest Canopy, Aphria, and Aurora – companies mentioned earlier for their explosive growth – are market leaders in Canadian cannabis due to listing earlier than the competition…so the potential for Khiron to follow a similar path is worthy of significant investor attention.

Khiron’s Management Team Has Extensive Experience

Lastly…Khiron’s senior management team and Board of Directors have extensive experience operating in Colombia and in the Canadian capital markets.

Alvaro Torres – CEO & Director:

15 years of experience in Colombian infrastructure projects and project finance, management leadership and strategy, engineering, and mergers and acquisitions. Grew SNC-Lavalin, Colombia from inception to ~2,000 person corporation.

Andres Galofre – Vice President, Commerical:

15 years of leadership experience in pharmaceutical marketing, brand management, and distribution of ethical drugs and consumer products in Latin America. Led Advil launch in Colombia that reached 28% of domestic market share from inception.

Darren Collins – Chief Financial Officer:

12 years of experience in finance and capital markets with investment firms and public issuers. Former CFO of global e-commerce company and one of largest cannabis market revenue producers.

Juan Diego Alvarez – Vice President, Regulatory:

10 years of legal experience. Authority in Colombian medical cannabis regulation. Appointed by Minister of Health to create and draft regulations for legalization of medical cannabis.

Carlos Orbegozo – Vice President, Operations:

18 years of pharmaceutical experience in Latin America. Kaizen process expert with a 17-year career at Merck, as Director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Matthew Murphy – Vice President, Compliance:

25 years with the U.S. DEA. Served in variety of positions, including Chief of Pharmaceutical Investigations, prior to founding the Pharma Compliance Group.

As you can see…this truly is a “time machine” opportunity that is very much like investing in one of the Canadian cannabis market’s top companies just a few years ago.

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSX.V: KHRN) is…

  • A company with the highest level of compliance of any cannabis company in the world…
  • The first Colombian medical cannabis company to list its shares on any exchange globally…
  • Taking advantage of Colombia’s massive, untapped market – and ideal growing conditions…
  • Following a unique business model by focusing on producing high-value, pharmaceutical-grade products at competitive prices…
  • And priced at a very attractive valuation compared to its peer group of Canadian and international licensed producers.

Other companies have begun to enter the Colombian marketplace – some at market capitalizations five or six times as high as Khiron’s – but many of these companies are not as far along and do not possess the policy and regulatory expertise that Khiron has.

The combination of a large, untapped market…Khiron’s unique advantages in both policy and business model…plus Khiron’s first-to-market advantages make this an investment with high upside potential.

Investors looking for the next growth opportunity in the legal marijuana market should consider investing in Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSX.V: KHRN) before this under-the-radar company sees a potential spike in share price.




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