According to Pro Football Talk, the National Football League (NFL) is preparing to make “major concessions” to its marijuana policy.

The league is getting ready to adopt a more lenient substance abuse policy in its next collective bargaining agreement.

This week Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported that in its next CBA, the NFL is already prepared “to make major concessions regarding the substance-abuse policy.” In particular, the league will likely be taking a more lenient approach when it comes to marijuana.

“If the league goes in that direction it would need to have a procedure in place for players who are charged criminally with marijuana-related offenses in the states where marijuana continues to be banned,” Florio wrote.

The current CBA states that a player’s first positive test for marijuana will put them into a substance abuse program without a suspension while a second positive test will result in a two-game fine. A third positive test comes with a four-game fine. A fourth positive test will lead to a suspension and a four-game ban and a fifth positive test results in a 10-game ban.

Any positive test following a 10-game suspension can result in banishment, with the player possessing the ability to apply for reinstatement after one year.

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