Texas is home to a school that is dedicated to studying cannabis and the school will be opened this weekend

Located in Houston, the Houston Academy of Cannabis Science will open its doors soon. CEO Leavery Davidson remarked, “We are the first and only one, Houston Academy of Cannabis Science.”

At the school, students will be given the opportunity to learn about the history of marijuana and will be able to discuss how it is used in medicine and how it is grown and dispensed in the state as well as other parts of the country.

“We’re looking at doctors, lawyers, any profession in the medical arena, teachers, any entrepreneurs,” Davidson said in regards to potential students.

“The course will allow people to get an edge when everything does open up here in Texas,” Davidson said.

To be clear, the school is more visual than anything else as marijuana is still illegal in the state.

“No, no we won’t have any real products because, let’s face it, we must obey the law,” Davidson explained.

The first class is made up of 20 students and the school is offering a reduced rate of $420, but it normally charges $599.

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