A group of over 5,000 women have said in a study that marijuana helped them get through pregnancy.

FOX31 found that there are some women who think cannabis use is the only way to make it through pregnancy with a healthy delivery.

The movement has a self-described name “CannaMamas.”

“We do call it a movement,” said Jeanna Houch, the founder of CannaMama Clinic. There are over 5,000 women in the group.

“We help women who have chosen cannabis medicinally while pregnant and breastfeeding specifically.”

Three women spoke to FOX31 and said that they used cannabis during multiple pregnancies as medicine. Marijuana had helped with morning sickness, appetite issues and other pregnancy side effects.

“I started having really bad complications due to my pregnancy that landed me in the hospital multiple times and I was told by an E.R. doctor [to] either figure it out or, most likely, I was going to lose another pregnancy,” Houch explained.

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