Revealed: What Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) Appears Poised for Even More Growth in the Months Ahead

You already know that legal marijuana stocks are in the midst of a red-hot growth phase.

Thanks to the “rising tide” of legalization throughout North America, many marijuana stocks appear to offer significant upside potential to investors.

But upon close examination, many of those companies – despite having impressive plans for the future – lack one critical element for success:


Many of the companies you hear so much about today are nothing more than “smoke-and-mirrors” operations who are hoping to raise tons of money…and then hopefully begin generating revenue several years down the road.

But one company I recently learned about – Vapen MJ Ventures Corporation (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) stands apart from the crowd in a significant way.

You see…Vapen MJ has not only posted top-line revenue figures that most small-cap marijuana stocks would be jealous of – for the past two years, in fact…

The company is also already profitable!

In fact, Vapen MJ generated CAD $24 million in revenue in 2018 and recorded profits of CAD $8.2 million.

But the fact that Vapen MJ has already established a track record of profitability in the early stages of what could be a historic marijuana bull market is just part of what makes this company worth a closer look.

Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) Appears to Offer Investors Significant Upside Potential

Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) offers investors exposure to a vertically-integrated cannabis company that is actually generating significant revenue.

In addition, the Company appears to be undervalued when compared to others in the space, allowing the potential for significant growth in the months ahead.

Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) currently has a market cap of just CAD $138 million despite posting CAD $20 million in revenue in 2017 with CAD $8.2 million EBITDA…and then in 2018 Vapen MJ posted CAD $24 million in revenue with EBITDA of $8.4 million.

Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF), through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, currently operates as an agricultural technology, services and property management company utilizing a full vertical integration business model to oversee and execute all aspects of cultivation, extraction, manufacturing of THC and CBD Vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, retail dispensary, and wholesale distribution of high margin cannabis and CBD products.

Vapen MJ currently provides these management and marketing services in the State of Arizona with expansion plans through acquisitions and partnerships worldwide.

5 Key Reasons to Consider Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) Today

1) Revenue and Profits

Unlike many of the investment opportunities in the cannabis space, Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) has already established a track record of generating strong revenues. The company posted CAD $20 million in revenue in 2017 with CAD $8.2 million EBITDA…and then in 2018 Vapen MJ posted CAD $24 million in revenue with EBITDA of $8.4 million.

2) Vertical Integration

The Company operates controls its own cultivation, extraction, edibles infusion, wholesale operations and retail dispensaries.

3) Brand Growth

Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) is targeting multi-state revenue and profit-share arrangements with license holders in California, Nevada, Oklahoma and Massachusetts. In addition, Vapen MJ has an international brand for CBD manufactured in Jamaica and distributed to Canada and a number of South American countries and Vapen is one of five companies that was approved for distribution in Japan in February 2019.

4) Retail Growth

The Company is planning to expand its cultivation by $5 million in 2019 and 2020 and is targeting acquisition of retail dispensaries with significant revenue and bottom line growth.

5) Celebrity Influencers

Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) has aligned itself with some of today’s hottest hip-hop artists – with millions of followers – to help grow brand awareness worldwide. This has allowed Vapen MJ to organically build one of the largest social media followings in the legal marijuana space.

The majority of the revenue that the company has generated to date has come from its Arizona operations, where it is fully integrated.

In the state of Arizona, Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) handles everything from start to finish, including cultivation, extraction, edibles infusion, wholesale sales and a retail dispensary – the Herbal Wellness Center, which is located in Phoenix.

Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) is the exclusive provider to the non-profit Herbal Wellness Center, which holds dispensary, cultivation and extraction licenses in Arizona to cultivate, extract and sell medical marijuana and related products to holders of medical marijuana cards, with approximately 48,000 patients in their system and approximately 65 wholesale dispensary clients.

Herbal Wellness leases a 2,000 square-foot retail building from Vapen MJ – the maximum allowed in Phoenix – for housing its dispensary.

Vapen MJ is Poised for Significant Near-Term Expansion

Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) is poised to pursue expansion outside of Arizona with a unique revenue and profit-share arrangement with key license-holders in targeted states.

This simple strategy is expected to provide the bulk of new revenue growth for the Company in the months ahead – and negotiations are underway with license holders in California, Nevada, Oklahoma and Massachusetts.

And just recently – on June 5, 2019 – Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) announced that it is bringing its extraction expertise to a Kentucky partnership for CBD extraction. First harvest and initial extraction production is anticipated in fall of 2019 and is expected to generate approximately CAD $24 million in wholesale refined, high purity CBD oil in the first year of operation.

Vapen MJ’s unique expansion strategy includes several compelling steps, including:

  • Identifying existing MJ license holders with retail and cultivation operations
  • Proposing a strategic alliance related to extraction and the company’s Vapen brand
  • Forming an LLC with the partner – utilizing the Vapen brand – whereby Vapen MJ agrees to supply SOPs, equipment and branding while the partner agrees to supply the building, biomass and retail operations.
  • In addition, the new LLC will manage wholesale distribution to other dispensaries within the state – with Vapen-trained sales staff – of the Vapen-branded products.

The Vapen Brand is a Powerful One…
and it’s Growing Rapidly

Already Vapen is the leading Arizona extracts brand – one that is sold in the majority of Arizona’s 100-plus legal dispensaries.

This powerful brand has been built thanks to the Company’s variety of high-quality products, including…

  • Vapen Clear THC – a high-quality solvent-free concentrate in the fastest-growing segment for discreet ingestion.

  • Vapen Extracts – Shatter and Wax – produced from premium biomass.

  • Vapen CBD Products – Convenient and effective and a perfect compliment to Vapen Brand expansion.

  • Vapen Kitchens – Artisinally crafted edibles infused with Vapen Clear.

  • Vapen Accessories – unique customized accessories including the popular V-Pen, which can be used with distillate, wax or shatter.

  • The Company’s Vapen Inhaler is a patent-pending, pharmaceutical grade pressurized metered dose inhaler that contains 1,000 mg of medication per canister and offers significant potential for international distribution.

Celebrity Influencers Help Bring Vapen MJ’s Brand Awareness to a Much Higher Level

Another aspect of the Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) story is something no other marijuana company has to the same degree: a network of celebrity influencers who are helping to increase brand awareness.

Thanks to relationships in the hip-hop community cultivated by the Company’s founder and CEO, Thai Nguyen and the Vapen MJ team, more than 50 recording artists and influencers have supported Vapen MJ on Instagram or other social media.

These celebrities – including rappers such as Cardi B, Offset and G-Eazy – bring a tremendous amount of influence in the marketplace and help raise brand awareness in a powerful way.

In fact, Vapen MJ’s social media reach has grown tremendously – and in an organic way – helping the company build one of the largest social media followings in the legal marijuana sector.

The Company helps build and maintain its relationships with key celebrity influencers by throwing annual parties in Arizona that are designed to bring together celebrities as well as other influencers, including bud-tenders, dispensary owners and purchasing managers.

These gatherings are talked about throughout the United States by those in the marijuana community and help increase awareness of Vapen MJ products in a powerful way.

Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN); (OTC: VAPNF) is Led by an Experienced, Visionary Leadership Team

It should be no surprise that a legal marijuana company that stands out from the pack as much as Vapen MJ (CSE: VAPN) does would be led by a team of entrepreneurs who not only possess decades of experience…but also have a history of achieving success.

This dynamic team includes…

Thai Nguyen – CEO/Chairman

Thai is the founder and CEO of Vapen MJ and the Vapen Brands (Vapen Clear, Vapen Extracts, Vapen Kitchens & Vapen CBD). Recognizing the advancement of medical marijuana in Arizona and the need for a reliable medical marijuana facility and products, in early 2012, Thai formed Vapen MJ to service Herbal Wellness Center. In 2013, Thai developed the Vapen Brand to provide various products for individuals to consume cannabis through other methods of delivery so that they can choose the best method for them, specific for their needs.

Through the results and continued success of Herbal Wellness Center and Vapen Brand, Thai is an entrepreneur with 18 years’ experience, successfully building companies in various industries. He is a visionary leader in the cannabis industry focusing on a strong culture dedicated to philanthropy, research and development, and patient care and education.

Bob Brilon – President/CFO/Director

Bob has more than 30 years of Executive Management experience as a CEO and Chairman (NASDAQ company), CFO, COO and in Operations, Investor Relations, Capital Transactions, SEC Reporting and M&A. Extensive investor relations experience communicating the company value proposition to: Investors and analysts at large and small financial conferences, institutional investors domestic and foreign, high level fund managers on analyst/broker road shows looking for face time, and Strategic investors.


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