California medical marijuana patients may be thrilled to learn that they can get free weed.

Los Angeles resident Charlene Modeste is one patient who gets her marijuana for free.

“What’s happening with me is I have a chronic condition and it looks like I have a baby,” Modeste explained, who looks pregnant. “But I’m one of those people that’s pregnant — but not with child. I have uterine fibroids. I had surgery to remove them. Then they grew back.”

Modeste is a medical marijuana patient who consumes about a gram of cannabis oil a day, and she receives the free-of-charge deliveries from Eaze every couple of months and calls the cost savings “incalculable.”

The Eaze Compassion program and others like it across the state are partnering with product-donating cannabis brands and nonprofit groups to offer no-cost products to medical marijuana patients in need.

Modeste found out about Eaze’s program after reaching out to Sacramento-based Dear Cannabis, an organization that helps coordinate compassionate cannabis deliveries.

The group connected her with This Is Jane Project, an L.A. nonprofit that works with women and nonbinary survivors of trauma.

The This is Jane Project is one of Eaze Compassion’s partner organizations, and verified her eligibility.

Other groups that work with Eaze to coordinate compassionate deliveries include Bay Area Americans for Safe Access, Operation EVAC, and the veterans’ support group Weed for Warriors Project.

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