Illinois just continues to show how much the people in the state were waiting for marijuana to become legal.

The state kicked off legal marijuana sales on January 1st and in the first twelve days of the year, it raked in over $19.7 million in sales.

Illinois has said that consumers made more than 495,000 purchases during that time.

The highest sales figures happened on the very first day of sales with nearly $3.2 million. It dropped off steadily in the days after. This marked the strongest in the history of legal marijuana.

The state’s first week was also stronger than other states. Oregon came in second with $11 million in its first week of legal marijuana sales, according to Bethany Gomez, who is the managing director of Brightfield Group.

β€œ$19 million in less than two weeks is really strong, especially given all the challenges that Illinois faces in terms of supply shortages,” Gomez said. β€œIt is a really strong indication that the market is going to be very, very healthy here.”

Illinois regulators warned dispensary operators recently that they are required by law to keep enough product on hand for medical patients.

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