Aurora Cannabis, one of the largest marijuana producers in the world, has an executive who is worried about the vaping situation in the United States.

The company’ Executive Chairman Michael Singer said on Thursday that he is “very worried about what I’m reading in the U.S.”

Aurora Cannabis is based in Canada and Singer states, “In Canada, it’s very different, and we’re heavily regulated by Health Canada, which is a good thing.”

Singer made his comments on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” a day after Trump announced he would be banning flavored e-cigarettes.

Federal Health officials have been investing an outbreak of a mysterious and deadly lung disease that has killed six people and affected hundreds.

The Trump Administration has said that it is calling for all non-tobacco-flavored products to be removed from the market within 30 days. Companies may be able to sell them later on, but that will require approval from the U.S FDA.

A spokeswoman for the National Cannabis Industry Association told Marijuana Business Daily that the proposed e-cigarette restrictions are causing “preliminary concern” as this could affect how marijuana is regulated in the U.S. if it ever becomes

“When it comes to vaping or vaping products that we’re going to be launching, we’re going to be testing every one of our products to a rigorous standard to ensure the products we offer to consumers are safe and we feel comfortable that we are not in any way putting at risk our customers or our patients with regards to our derivative products,” Singer also said.

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