Seth Rogen is known for many of his movies including Super Bad, but he’s also got another business that is flourishing aside from acting.

Rogen is co-owner, along with Evan Goldberg and Mikey Mohr, of the company Houseplant, which sells cannabis and accessories.

In an interview with The Guardian, Rogen and his partners sat down to discuss the company.

According to the actor, most people can incorporate weed into their lives. “I hope that weed is federally legal. I hope that people understand that there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be,” he explained.

He added, “As someone who smokes a lot of weed, I started collecting vintage ashtrays and lighters and table lighters and things like that, things that were from an era where smoking was not stigmatized in the way that it became, because they were made for cigarettes. And that’s really where a lot of the thought process came from.

Smoking used to be this kind of in-vogue thing that drew a lot of great minds to the things that surrounded it, ashtrays and things like that. Then people realized smoking cigarettes was very unhealthy and those types of things kind of fell out of fashion.”

He went on, “Now with the rise of weed it seems like there’s a new place for these things. I started collecting them and then we started conceiving of how we could maybe create our own, newer versions of the types of things that I was kind of repurposing, things specifically made for people with my lifestyle.”
Houseplant incorporates a social message with the Marijuana Policy Project and Cage-Free Cannabis and Black Lives Matter.

When asked if as a businessman he is concerned about alienating customers because of his overt social stance, he answered, “I invite them not to buy our products. I think weed is a political thing in America right now, and if you pretend it’s not, that is a political stance where you are taking the position of denying reality and ignoring the actual political climate that we live in right now and we do not want to do that.

When asked about where he sees himself in the industry in five to seven years, Rogen responded, “I’m not sure. If you asked me five years ago where we would be, I would not say where we are right now, I’ll tell you that much. We live in unpredictable times. I hope we live in a world where people contextualize weed, the way that it should be contextualized in their lives. I hope that weed beverages are sold at bars and restaurants. I hope that weed is federally legal. I hope that people understand that there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be.”

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