New York recently legalized recreational marijuana and as a result, colleges in the state are amping up their marijuana course offerings.

Colleges and universities are adding new courses about the plant onto the syllabus to prepare students for jobs in the fast growing industry.

This includes online Excelsior College, who is marketing new master’s degree courses in marijuana leading to a graduate certificate in “Cannabis Control,” as well as expanding undergraduate classes.

“We’re in the space to educate people about the cannabis industry. Cannabis will be a multi-billion industry in New York by 2025,” Scott Dolan, the dean of Excelsior College’s graduate program said to The Post.

According to Dolan, graduate students will learn about the complexities that the marijuana industry will have to operate in. This includes complying with numerous government regulations.

Dolan has said that accountants, lawyers, health professionals and people in the insurance industry would benefit from taking courses that address social equity, environmental sustainability, corporate responsibility and public finance.
“Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level,” Dolan pointed out.

Right now 10 different SUNY campuses offer courses tied to the marijuana and hemp industries.

The number of cannabis courses, certificate and training programs and degrees offered to students will “absolutely” increase to match students with new jobs in the emerging marijuana industry, remarked SUNY Chancellor James Malatras.

“Our mission is to provide access to students to meet workforce demands,” Malatras said in a Sunday interview.

“This is not a simple matter. This a seismic shift in the law,” he said.

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