Vertically Integrated CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) Offers Superior Quality for Consumers…and High Potential Upside for Investors

As the legal marijuana market continues to soar worldwide, one significant trend has emerged that investors need to be take note of immediately.

Thanks to U.S. changes in federal regulations regarding industrial hemp – included as part of the 2018 Farm Bill – commercial production of hemp is now legal in the United States.

This massive change has touched off an explosion in demand for hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD), with projections calling for a sustained surge in growth over the next five years.

According to research from the Brightfield Group, “with hemp-derived CBD gaining in popularity…the market is on track to grow to $23.7 billion through 2023.”[ii]

That is a staggering projection for sustained growth – and one that has gotten the attention of investors all over North America.

One company, however, now stands out as potentially offering investors the best way to play this growth surge for maximum potential upside.

That company is CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) – a vertically integrated hemp-based CBD producer, extractor and branding investment vehicle.

Vertical Integration is the Key to Success for CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN)

CBD Global Sciences is a leader in the production of industrial hemp and CBD based products.

The company – founded in 2015 – is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and specializes in a wide range of CBD products and the cultivation of hemp plants.

The key to success for CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) is maintaining control of the entire process – from seed-to-sale. Through this vertical integration, the company is able to capitalize on margin creation while also maintaining strict control of all aspects of quality assurance through the vertical channel.

The recent surge in demand for CBD has triggered a rush of fly-by-night companies entering the marketplace offering products and services that are not what they claim to be…with some even going so far as to sell oil that has no CBD oil in it at all.

But with five years of experience in the market – and complete vertical integration — CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) is clearly not one of those companies.

Here’s a brief overview of what CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) has to offer at each stage of the process:

Strasburg Pharms: 350 Acres in 2019
with access to over 3000 acres in 2020

Strasburg Pharms is a wholly owned subsidiary of the company and offers 350 acres of registered hemp land and over 50,000 square feet of greenhouse space in 2019. Expansion in 2020 includes growing on over 1000 acres and expansion of indoor facilities to exceed 500,000 square feet. Strasburg Pharms has agreements to purchase and/or lease over 3000 additional irrigated acres in 2020.

Strasburg Pharms offers all organically grown, laboratory extracted and tested, industrial-hemp-based Cannabidiol (CBD). The company’s plant genetics have resulted in a shorter growing period while maximizing CBD potency and keeping THC below .3%.

Strasburg Pharms never uses chemicals or pesticides and its plants are cultivated with farming methods. The oil produced from the company’s plants provide consistent potency and a rich and smooth flavor that few can achieve.

Strasburg Pharms provides a FULL SPECTRUM product which means that it uses harvesting and processing processes that support a full cannabinoid and terpene offering which enhances the entourage effect when using our CBD products.

Global Sciences Labs, LLC is a State-of-the-Art Facility Producing High Quality CBD Oil

Located just minutes from the company’s farm, CBD Global Sciences’ hemp travels to its 18,000 square foot state-of-the-art lab at Global Sciences Labs, LLC for processing.

Using a proprietary cold fusion, ethanol-extraction process, the company is able to lock in the vital terpenes and cannabinoids which are then removed from the plant itself. This efficient approach is one of the most natural and effective ways to produce oil, resulting in a final product that is among the finest in the world.

Global Sciences Labs, LLC currently has the capacity to process 1,100 pounds per day into distillate or isolate…and with modest capital investment that output could grow to exceed 10,000 pounds per day.

CannaOil: Ultra-High-Quality, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Global Sciences’ (CSE: CBDN) CannaOil brand was created in 2016 to provide the highest quality CBD derived from hemp products on the market.

CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) is passionate about the many ways these products can assist those suffering from a variety of ailments in which CBD has been used to provide relief.

As a result of the company’s exceptional practices and processes, it produces an ultra-high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil that has been shown via third-party testing to be contaminant and microbial free.

And the fact that CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) insists on producing full-spectrum CBD oil is important, as science has told us that in order to enjoy maximum effectiveness, the product must be full spectrum as opposed to CBD isolate.

Many companies – because they use cheaper solutions in supply and processing – fail to acknowledge the benefit to the consumer of full-spectrum CBD oil, but CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) insists on producing only the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD oils.

CBD Global Sciences’ Aethics Brand Provides a Trusted, Sports-Wellness-Focused CBD Brand

The Aethics brand was born with the idea of bringing friends, coaches, veterans and athletes together and recognizing the need for a trusted source for CBD (cannabidiol) sports wellness products.

The company’s founders saw a leadership void in the fast-growing sports category, and a unique opportunity to create a brand that concentrates on individuals living active lifestyles.

CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) – through its Aethics Brand – presents an informative, ethical destination for the athlete that is looking for safe alternatives in caring for their body and mind.

Aethics is a CBD Global Sciences consumer brand covering multiple market segments and including over a dozen products that launched in 2018.

Consumers are requesting natural, non-addicting solutions for pain relief, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, nausea and related common and chronic ailments.

Strasburg Pharms Certified: A Stamp of Quality for Third Party Companies

Strasburg Pharms Certified will be the company’s stamp of CBD Hemp quality through the wholesales of its isolate and distillate products throughout the U.S. to third party companies.

CBD Global Sciences is able to control the quality of its outputs and ensure that they can certify the performance of their product for third party companies looking to develop their own brands and white labeled CBD products.

CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) is Moving Quickly to Take Advantage of Rapid Market Growth

  • CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) is gaining significant traction with its Aethics sports brand. The company has currently executed an agreement with a well-known broker to one of the largest U.S. grocery chains and is currently negotiating to bring the Aethics brand to the shelves of that chain.
  • In addition, the company is currently shipping – or has PO’s to ship – to a number of national retail and wholesale chains. CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) is also working with a major U.S. fast casual restaurant chain to provide CBD based food and beverage products.
  • The company is projecting to be in several thousand doors by the end of 2019 and anticipates it will double or triple doors by the end of 2020.
  • CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) has shown strong revenue growth to date, posting total revenue of $592,000 in 2018 and then surging to $3.1 million through the first six months of 2019.

Experienced, Passionate Management Team Helps Drive Success for CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN)

CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) has secured a world-class team of experts with deep experience across a broad range of industries and a proven track record of building brands and businesses.

CEO Brad Wyatt has been passionate about the curing nature of CBD-enriched products since 2013. It was at that – fueled with the desire to help his mother, who had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma – that Mr. Wyatt set out with co-founder Glenn Dooley to find a non-narcotic solution to the side effects of aggressive cancer treatments his mother was undergoing.

Armed with a strong reason for action, Mr. Wyatt rigorously examined the emerging science behind CBD and has now surrounded himself with a team of executives and strategic advisors who boast a wide array of experience in consumer products, finance, logistics, sales and government.

Brad Wyatt – Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Wyatt is the co-founder/CEO of Global NV as well as Strasburg Pharms, SMBT and CannaOil, which are all wholly owned subsidiaries of CBD Global. Mr. Wyatt’s professional background includes executive positions with Federal Mogul, Sears Roebuck and the Target Corporation.

Alexander McAuley – Interim CFO

Mr. McAulay CPA, CA is an experienced public company CFO. Mr. McAulay founded the successful Naked Brand Group (Nasdaq: NAKD) and led the company as its COO and CFO. Mr. McAuley is also currently the CFO of Marifil Mines Limited (TSX-V:MFM), GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE: GSTAR) and is the owner of a licensed accounting practice, ACM Management Inc., providing CFO advisory services to public companies.

Jim Greenwell – Operations Consultant

Mr. Greenwell is currently the Operations Consultation for Global NV and previously was a senior executive with experience in multiple acquisitions, integrations and successful exits. Mr. Greenwell currently sits on the boards of four different investor-backed ventures.

Glenn Dooley – Co-Founder and Secretary

Mr. Dooley co-founded MACS Mortgage Inc. with Brad Wyatt in 2006 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Mr. Dooley brings to the team a breadth of knowledge and experience in management and startups.

1) Rapidly Growing Market – The hemp-derived CBD market is in the early stages of an explosive growth phase – with projections calling for the market to reach $23.7 billion by 2023. This sizzling-hot market has triggered a number of investment opportunities, with CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) emerging as a potential “best of the best” candidate.

2) Superior Quality Through Vertical Integration CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) is unlike many of the new-to-market companies that have emerged in the space. By controlling the entire process from seed-to-sale, CBD Global Sciences offers consumers only the highest quality products – and offers investors the assurance of years of experience in all aspects of production.

3) State-of-the-Art Production – With a large Colorado farm ensuring optimum conditions for growth – and a state-of-the-art lab located just minutes away — CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) not only ensures smooth, quality production but also offers the unique ability to scale up its operations quickly as the market continues to grow.

4) Experienced, Passionate Management TeamCBD Global Sciences is led by a team of forward-thinking executives with a wide array of experience in a number of industries. This is not simply a team of investors pooling their money to take advantage of a hot market…but instead an “All-Star” team of seasoned veterans applying their experience to a unique high-upside opportunity.

5) Potential for Surge in Valuation – Compared to other companies in the CBD space, CBD Global Sciences (CSE: CBDN) appears to be significantly undervalued. With its production capabilities, focus on high quality and its growing retail footprint, CBD Global Sciences offers investors a unique opportunity for rapid potential valuation growth.



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