The ballot initiative, “Nebraskans for Sensible Marijuana Laws,” began in Omaha on Thursday night.

130,000 signatures are needed to put medical marijuana legalization before voters in 2020 and both Sen. Anna Wishart and Sen. Adam Morfeld are leading the way.

“I believe over 70 percent of Nebraskans support this issue. We have pretty recent polling that shows that number,” said Wishart.

“We will hope that we come out with a bill that everyone can get behind, but the reality is there is a benefit to putting this in the constitution, as well,” Wishart also said to supporters.

The Secretary of State’s Office must first give permission before people can start collecting signatures.

“Once we get the language confirmed, we will hit the ground running with collecting signatures,” Wishart said.

The Campaign for the Good Life will be helping. “Our plan here in Douglas County is to work, going door-to-door, talking to the voters, asking them for their support on this initiative,” said Crystal Rhoades, the political advisor with the Campaign for the Good Life.

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