Oregon has revealed that it has a whopping million pounds of marijuana that has not been sold.

The surplus in the state has grown to become a real problem and the number of unsold cannabis continues to grow.

Prices have been going down as a result and because the product cannot be transported over the state line, it is just sitting and doing nothing.

The Craft Cannabis Alliance has a solution and wants to open Oregon’s borders to save the industry.

“What we have is a market-access problem, and it’s a political problem,” said Adam Smith, the founder and director of Craft Cannabis Alliance.

“It is not efficient to build facilities in states where there’s no reason to grow cannabis. You can grow citrus in New York if you want. It’s just a bad business decision,” he added.

Smith has aid that Oregon has “at least a half a billion dollars in local investment that is on the verge of being wiped out. And a lot of that investment is centered in some of the poorest communities in the state.”

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