University of Western Australia researchers are investigating whether or not marijuana can help chronic insomniacs sleep better.

The world’s first trial will see if medicinal cannabis works on one-in-three Australians who regularly have difficulty falling or staying asleep.

According to the trial’s lead researcher Peter Eastwood, insomnia cost the nation more than $66 billion a year, which includes lost productivity and health problems.
He told AAP that the current treatments for insomnia are “very effective” but also expensive and time consuming. According to Eastwood, the market is huge.

24 volunteers will be in the double blind, randomised trial. Either a single drop of cannabis oil or a placebo will be put under their tongues an hour before bed for two weeks.

The trial will then cross-over and test either the oil or the placebo for another two weeks.

Results from the trial are expected by the end of 2018.

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