According to Tommy Chong, the comedy partner of Cheech Marin, the only bad weed is no weed. At least that is what he said in an interview with Benzinga Cannabis recently.

It was this past July that Chong and Marin had inked a deal with Five Point Holdings to open dispensaries under the Cheech & Chong brand in Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada and Washington.

The duo will market marijuana together. Chong told Benzinga Cannabis editor Anthony Noto that the above cities are their “base.”

“They were the ones that took the racist hit on marijuana being deemed illegal,” explained Chong.

Chong said him and Cheech were approached about licensing deals as soon as the marijuana legalization movement started. “Luckily, we waited for the right effort.”

“We’re going to show the world how a dispensary should be,” Chong has said.

“They’re not going to be cold pharmaceuticals. All that paranoia is gone,” he said. “Every Cheech & Chong dispensary is going to be a hangout.”

“If it wasn’t for the illegal side, all these growers would have no outlets for their excess weed. Also, that’s untaxable money,” he said. “Maybe for the straight crowd it’s hurting somebody.”

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