According to top lawmakers in Connecticut, when the state’s legislature convenes for its 2020 session next month, marijuana legalization will be a priority.

Senate President Pro-Tem Martin Looney (D) has said to CT Insider, “We are revisiting legalizing recreational cannabis because we see that most of our neighboring states have already done it or want to do it this year.”

He added, “We had three very detailed bills on this last year, so I think we’re well prepared to do that when the time comes. We clearly need additional revenue and anecdotally we hear about people who travel to Massachusetts to purchase it.”

“We’re very well prepared to enact the legalization bill because we have the statutory framework already drafted,” he said in another interview. “It’s absolutely essential, I think, that we move on this front. We need the revenue.”

The Hartford Courant has said that leaders of key committees met last week to discuss what a legalization push could look like this year, and the Senate Democratic caucus is expected to outline the contours of a new proposal soon.

“I think the idea that we’d be isolated by ourselves and the idea that you hand this over to the black market is dangerous,” the state’s governor Ned Lamont said in a recent TV appearance. “You have no idea what they’re doing, you want a carefully regulated market. How fast this happens in Connecticut—look, I’ve got to bring people along, I’ve got to talk to families, I’ve got to let them know that we’re going to do this in a very careful and thoughtful way.”

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