Utah’s lawmakers are abandoning plans for a state-run medical cannabis dispensary network according to Fox 13.

A bill is set to be introduced for a special session in the state’s Legislature that says the state will no longer control the sale of medical marijuana.

Private dispensaries will be increased instead from 7 to 12 and will be scattered across the state.

“We recognized there were some challenges there and some anxiety,” said Senate Majority Leader Evan Vickers, R-Cedar City, to FOX 13.

“It’s ironic, the day that you did that report on your channel with the Davis County Attorney, I got a draft piece of the legislation that eliminated the local health departments from that issue,” Sen. Vickers said.

Utah Supreme Court has also rejected a petition challenging replacement of medical cannabis ballot initiative

The Utah Patients Coalition, which sponsored Prop. 2, said it was supportive of a special session.

“Having worked intimately on this process and these changes, we are grateful the legislature and Governor are committed to ensuring a functioning medical cannabis program and we applaud all agencies still working together for Utahs patients,” said UPC director Desiree Hennessy.

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