Utah’s very first drive-thru window at a medical marijuana pharmacy opened this week in Ogden at Perfect Earth Modern Apothecary.

The Perfect Earth Modern Apothecary pharmacy is located at 3775 South Wall Ave. and opened on May 1st. It was on Tuesday that the pharmacy’s drive-thru was opened.

The pharmacy is opened 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Many who have illnesses that make them vulnerable to COVID-19 are likely celebrating the opening of a drive thru. Utah medical marijuana pharmacies are gearing up for drive-thru & home delivery as demand increases.

Patients should be aware however that they cannot use the drive-thru on their first visit. First-time patients must visit a pharmacist in the shop and present a state-issued medical cannabis card or a recommendation letter from a licensed doctor.

Tim Pearl, director of operations for Perfect Earth, said the drive-thru window was opened earlier than planned to serve patients who don’t want to wait in line outside the shop.

The store is limiting the number of customers in the store during the pandemic, so some customers wait outside for a few minutes before the enter.

Cannabis pharmacies are allowed to do home deliveries in the state but no pharmacy has yet to offer this service. Pearl said Perfect Earth hopes to do home deliveries by early fall.

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