New data has shown that Oregon youth are vaping marijuana a lot more in the last two years.

Almost half of 11th grade marijuana users are getting high off vape oils, not flower, according to a report from the Oregon Healthy Teens survey, which the state does every two years.

Two years ago, about one out of 10 Oregon 11th graders who used marijuana vaped oils. This year, it’s nearly one in two, at 44 percent, said the Oregon Health Authority.

“This is alarming,” remarked Oregon’s top public health expert, Dr. Dean Sidelinger.

“These products can get young people started on using nicotine and marijuana, and it is easy to get hooked.”

Youth nicotine vaping climbed as well seeing an 80 percent rise in nicotine vape use since 2017, going from 13 percent to 23 percent.

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