A Florida candidate for agriculture commissioner, who is a proponent of medicinal marijuana, has announced on social media that her campaign account had been terminated by a big bank.

The big bank in question? Wells Fargo.

Nikki Fried took to her Twitter and wrote, “Check out my #FaceBookLive at http://m.facebook.com/NikkiForFL/ to find out why my campaign will no longer be banking with Wells Fargo. #NikkiForFl #TeamNikki #AgCommissiomer”

According to Fried, Wells Fargo terminated her campaign account because she supports medical marijuana.

The Democrat said that Wells Fargo had started asking questions about her platform after she joined the statewide race which included: Does she advocate more access to medical marijuana? Would she accept contributions from medical marijuana lobbyists?

It was in July that Fried said she had lobbied for medicinal marijuana companies and had received contributions from lobbyists. Wells Fargo said based on a review of its banking risks, it was shutting her account down.

The primary is only eight days away on August 28th.

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