Many of you know who Whoopi Goldberg is but you may not know that she had her own medical cannabis company going for awhile.

It was called Whoopie & Maya and it was co-founded by Goldberg, Rick Cusik, and Om Edibles founder Maya Elisabeth.

In an interview with CNN Business, Cusick said he received word last Friday from Goldberg that she planned to step away from the brand.

“It became clear to everybody that Whoopi and Maya wanted a divorce,” Cusick said, noting he was speaking for himself. “How do you do that? Because both of them were very integral to what we were doing.”

The reasons for the closure of Whoopi & Maya went beyond personal fissures, Cusick said.

When they started the company four years ago, Goldberg told the Denver Post’s Cannabist that she and Elisabeth saw a large market opportunity in an area that not many people wanted to address.

“They wanted to include menstrual cramps in the list of things you can prescribe medical marijuana for,” Goldberg said in the interview at the time, “but the governor said that will never happen in New Jersey because our doctors only prescribe marijuana for ‘real’ pain. The fact that people think of (women’s health) as a niche market — that he didn’t think of menstrual cramps as ‘real’ pain — tells me that there’s a lot of education to do on this subject.”

The Whoopi & Maya board and the company’s investors will meet separately this week to discuss and determine a future for the company’s products, Cusick also said.
CelebStone first broke the news that the company would be closing.

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