The west coast of the USA has been dealing with a tragic wildfire season this year and marijuana companies up and down the coast are feeling the impact.

So far the wildfires have reportedly claimed at least 35 lives and burned millions of acres and cannabis farms are burning or are being exposed to smoke, heat, and fire retardent for weeks.

In Oregon, about 20 percent of the state’s licensed cannabis businesses received evacuation orders this month.

Candice Paschal, the owner/operator of Paschal Farms in Molalla, Oregon has said that a group of about 40 Molalla locals stayed through the evacuation order to fight the approaching Wilhoit fire. The town, including neighboring cannabis farms, “poured equipment, food, and supplies” into the firefighting camp, she said.

“Young men operating private dozers and tanker trucks stopped the Wilhoit fire in its tracks,” Paschal said. “These people are heroes and the town has been calling them The Molalla 40. They saved us and many others from complete catastrophe. It’s an absolute miracle this happened and shows you the power of community and love.”

Unfortunately several dispensaries suffered enormous losses, including the Talent Health Club in Talent, Oregon. The company wrote on Instagram, “As many of you may know, our dispensary was tragically lost in the #almedafire on Tuesday. We are heartbroken for our community and our state. 💔 The staff at THC is fortunate that nobody lost their homes as well. We will rise from these ashes and be back better than ever, ready to serve our fellow friends and neighbors.

If you are displaced or need resources, check out @localsmokeradio page and click on his website for all the resources. Stay strong, we’ve got this!”

Evacuation orders were issued last week in California for parts of The Emerald Triangle, comprising of Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity counties. The state’s largest-ever wildfire hit the cannabis fertile region.

Several marijuana farms were lost last month during wildfires around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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