American rowers and Internet entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are facing a lawsuit for defaulting on a weed start-up deal.

The twins are being sued by Todd Steinberg, an investor in cannabis delivery start-up Eaze. According to the New York Post, Steinberg alleges that the twins agreed to buy his shares for around $500,000 and defaulted.

Steinberg claims that the twins signed a deal to buy his shares and because they already signed the binding term sheet, they should have followed through. According to Page Six, the twins defaulted after the company named a new CEO.

“This lawsuit is about getting the Winklevoss to do what’s right and honor their legal commitments. The business world is built upon this principle and no one, not even them, is exempt from it,” Steinberg told CNBC.

According to Winklevoss Capital firm’s portfolio page, the firm has already invested in Eaze.

The twins are doing pretty well in the bitcoin arena, having started to buy bitcoin around $9. In April their worth in the crypotcurrency was around $11 millon.

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