There are many Americans who can’t sleep and the cost of sleep aids is in the billions of dollars. There’s one company that may be able to help people get a better night’s rest and it’s Zzz Natural.

Founded this year, the company is the very first marijuana brand that is entirely dedicated to helping people sleep better. Spending on sleeping aids is expected to hit a whopping $52 billion by the year 2050.

Founder Blake Ricciardi’s own sleep troubles led to the creation of the company. He has went to many marijuana dispensaries and could not find a solution and also noticed in the process that each dispensary had made different recommendations for strains.

Zzz Natural’s flagship product is a disposable vape pen that has an all-natural proprietary cannabis formula. Each cartridge contains a mixture of sleep-inducing terpenes and botanical extracts including lavender, mango and chamomile.

It was only last month that Zzz Natural debuted at the inaugural Hall Of Flowers, the very first B2B trade show that includes cannabis companies.

Speaking to Forbes contributor, Julian Mitchell, Blake said, “Theres only so many ways to smoke a good strain of cannabis, and there’s a whole market of people who want the next incredible cannabis-based product for recreation. But, there’s another market of people who want to improve their lives in areas they may be struggling with — whether it’s stress, pain or sleep. For us, I think we’re going to set a tone within the industry in terms of categorizing certain products so that the new or existing user comes into it and feel comfortable using cannabis to enhance their lives. When you walk into a CVS or Walgreens and ask for pain medication, they point you to aisle 4 where you can get Tylenol or Advil. That’s not really how it is in cannabis. But, I think it’s going to move in that direction and we’re going to be at the forefront of it. In part, that’s because searching for a strain to help sleep is the number one question asked at any dispensary, so why not start with that as the first category? Some people have been smoking for 20 years and operating in the cannabis industry for 10 years, so they approach the industry with a certain perspective. For me, I approach it with a deep understanding of marketing and branding, in addition to coming in fresh because I haven’t smoked in years. At this point, experiencing it as a new user, I started asking certain questions through that lens that have provided a huge advantage for me.”

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