A demographic of PTSD sufferers are veterans of war, and they are aiming to boost public support for the drug.

So far twenty eight states and the District of Columbia allow PTSD on their medical marijuana programs.

Dr. David Shulkin, the Veterans Affairs Secretary has spoken in favor of marijuana for PTSD sufferers and has said, “There may be some evidence that this (medical marijuana) is beginning to be helpful.”

He has noted that his agency is now allowed to help patients get the marijuana as it is illegal on a federal level.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York just announced this past Veteran’s Day that he would sign legislation to make New York allow therapeutic marijuana as a PTSD treatment.

According to a retired marine staff sergeant, Mark DiPasquale, “I just felt like a zombie, and I wanted to hurt somebody,” when he was on 17 opioids and anti-anxiety medicines. He is the co-founder of the Rochester, New York-based Veterans Cannabis Collective Foundation and uses marijuana.

“Do I still have PTSD? Absolutely. I’m back to my old self. I love people again.”

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