Denver-area dispensary Kirke LLC/Metro Denver Telluride Health Center LLC has recalled products due to potentially unsafe pesticide use.

According to the Denver Department of Environmental Health(DEH), the dispensary, known to customers as The Hemp Center, has issued the recall voluntarily on all of medical marijuan that has been sold with Optional Premises Cultivation codes of 403-00892 and 403-00899.

The pesticides in question are Avermectin, Bifenazate, Imidacloprid, and Myclobutanil. All are banned by the state of Colorado’s Department of Agriculture.
According to the DEH, approximately 1,279 plants have been destroyed and almost 71 pounds of dried flower on August 9th.

The Hemp Center’s owner Melissa Van Diest says destroying the plants was a better option than waiting for quarantined plants to undergo further testing.

“I got rid of some of the employees who did this. They’re gone. I am pissed, to say the least.”

“The safety of my patients is everything; hence, why I decided to get rid of everything.”

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