Canada is gearing up to become the first G7 nation to legalize recreational marijuana on October 17th.

According to Politico, who first broke the news, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has said that anyone working or investing in the marijuana industry will be considered drug traffickers.

The Vancouver Star has said that high-profile investors have already been banned from the US for life due to their involvement in the legal Canadian cannabis arena.

“Our officers are not going to be asking everyone whether they have used marijuana, but if other questions lead there — or if there is a smell coming from the car, they might ask,” the CBP’s Todd Owen said to Politico. “If you lie about it, that’s fraud and misrepresentation, which carries a lifetime ban.”

If the traveler says they have used any drug that is illegal in the US, they would be barred from entry unless obtaining a waiver at the CBP’s discretion.

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