University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers wants to study both the safety and efficacy of using medical marijuana for diseases.

It was Pennsylvania that was the first state in the U.S. to write a research component into their medical marijuana law. Last week the state Department of Health had outlined a process for an accredited medical school with an acute care hospital to be approved to become an “Academic Clinical Research Center.”

Up to eight registrants are expected to be approved by the health department and each one must have a minimum of $15 million in capital.

“The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has been actively engaged with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to develop these temporary regulations under which academic clinical research centers can conduct research with medical cannabis products” said the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

“It is important to note that Pennsylvania is the first and only state in the country to institute such a program, and we believe that the research will be of great importance in determining the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis products in treating specific diseases. Specific research efforts will be determined once the regulations are finalized and the application process begins with the Department of Health,” the statement continued.

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