According to an article on The Hill citing an interview on Hill.TV, a doctor in New York doesn’t think that states should legalize marijuana until there is more data.

“If I was a policymaker, which I’m not, I would simply say let’s not legalize until we have a lot more data,” said Dr. Mary Jeanne Kreek, a senior attending physician at Rockefeller University.

“We can certainly benefit from carrying out rigorous studies supported by states or the federal government in each of the states where legalization has occurred,” she also said.

Fellow physician, Dr. Kenneth L. Davis, and Kirk have written an op-ed article in the New York Times.

They argue that marijuana use among those 25 and younger is dangerous due to their brains still developing.

“Dr. Davis and I decided to write this op-ed article because the information continues to show us the impact — the negative impact — on the developing brain and with more legalization, we think it’s important that people know,” Kirk said.

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