A $500 million lawsuit is accusing marijuana producers of distributing products with incorrect THC and CBD levels.

The class action lawsuit was filed in Calgary Canady against the cannabis producers whose claims of THC and CBD levels in their medicinal and recreational cannabis products differed from what was represented on packaging.

According to the statement of claim filed at the Judicial Centre of Calgary this month, the companies allegedly sold cannabis products to Canadian consumers with drastically different THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol) levels than advertised on the label.

The defendants named in the lawsuit are:

Aurora Cannabis Inc.
Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc.
Aleafia Health Inc.
Emblem Cannabis Corp.
Hexo Corp.
Cronos Group Inc.
Tilray Canada Ltd.
Organigram Holdings Inc.
MediPharm Labs Corp.

According to the document, THC and CBD levels were found to be significantly higher than indicated in some products while others may have had significantly lower levels as a result of absorption or degradation due to the use of plastic bottles.
Lisa Marie Langevin is named as the plaintiff representing the class-action and claims to have purchased a cannabis oil from a northwest store in mid-February 2020.

According to the statement of claim, a friend of hers who is a doctor arranged to have both the product and the plastic vial tested and it was determined that the product only had 46 per cent of the active THC level indicated on the vial’s label.

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