You heard of a bartender, one who serves alcohol, now let me introduce you to the term “budtender,” someone who serves marijuana.

With medical marijuana about to become a big industry in Michigan, the people who can talk to customers about the products they are selling will be the ones in high demand.

Dispensaries prepare to open and owners of these dispensaries will be looking for workers in sales who are knowledgeable about marijuana and can be consultants to medical marijuana patients.

As soon as a doctor approves a patient for a medical marijuana card, the next person that patient will most likely be talking to is a budtender, who can help them figure out what to buy according to the Detroit Free Press.

β€œEdibles break down differently in the system, so I’ll talk about how long it takes an edible to be active or noticeable in the system and how long it stays in the system,” explained Farrah Vorhauer of Durango, Colorado.

While doctors give you approval to get marijuana as a medication, it’s up to you as the patient to find the one that works right for your body.

The sales of medical marijuana are expected to reach over $700 million in Michigan when the market is fully developed.

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