According to the top cannabis regulator in California, the golden state is facing some serious issues soon.

Chief marijuana regulator Lori Ajax, who is the chief of the state Bureau of Cannabis Control, has predicted that there will be more issues with supply. “The supply chain has not been completely tested,” she said. “At some point we’re going to see the supply depleted.”

Ajax gave an assessment of the state’s performance for a few hundred people at the International Cannabis Business Conference recently and while she praised the workers she cautioned that the system in the state is still a work in progress.

Employees worked through the weekend before California began legal recreational sales of marijuana on January 1st.

The bureau has so far granted about 2,400 temporary licenses for retail sales, delivery, distribution, testing and other parts of the cannabis supply system. Other agencies allowed to license marijuana businesses are the Department of Public Health permitting manufacturers and the Department of Food and Agriculture handling growers.

According to Ajax, the bureau’s approach to solving the problem is licensing businesses. She said, “We are licensing as many businesses as quickly as possible.”

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