California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order this week that launches a crackdown on the vape industry.

On Monday the governor announced a crackdown on illicit e-cigarettes and will launch a state-sponsored public awareness campaign about the dangers of the devices amid a nationwide outbreak of serious lung illness connected to vaping.
The order is instructing state regulators to “reduce youth vaping consumption.”

So far at least seven deaths have occurred as well as 450 possible severe lung illness cases that are related to vaping.

“We’ve seen a skyrocket increase in the use of these flavored products by our children,” said Newsom to reporters. “As a father of four, this has been an issue that’s been brought to the forefront of my consciousness.”

“We stand ready to work with the governor and interested stakeholders on thoughtful and effective laws and regulations that restrict youth access and do not unfairly advantage combustible cigarettes,” said the director of the Vaping Technology Assn., Tony Abboud.

“We also stand ready to work with the governor to allow legal and responsible vape small business owners the ability to continue to operate in a regulated market selling to adult consumers who rely on their access to these life-changing products.”

Sales of recreational marijuana vape products have dropped in California in according to industry trade publication Marijuana Business Daily.


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