In an effort to raise money for people who have disabilities, Colorado is auctioning off marijuana-themed license plates.

From April 1st until April 20th, residents in Colorado can bid on the vanity plates that have such terms like “BONG” and “GOTWAX” and “HEMP.” There is even one plate that reads “TEGRIDY”

Bids on several of the plates start at $420.

“The Colorado Disability Funding Committee had the TEGRIDY to STASH away some great HERB related license plate configurations and is making them available to you,” a Facebook post read. “Don’t be GREEN with envy because your neighbor GOTWAX and HONEY, bid on a plate and support people with disabilities!”

“Colorado GANJA themed license plates could make you as HAPPY as your 100% HEMP t-shirt,” the post, which was uploaded on April 1 but is not an April Fool’s joke, continues. “Leave ya SATIVA and INDICA, put down the BONG, use our HASHtags to follow along.”

Of course the page for each license plate up for auction includes a disclaimer not to drive while impaired and to use cannabis responsibly.

The proceeds from the auction will go to the Colorado Disability Funding Committee, which issues grants to organizations that “have new and innovative ideas that benefit the disability community.”

People who don’t live in Colorado can also bid and will be given a novelty plate without the security features if they win.

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