It was a proud day for the Latino community this past Friday in San Francisco. The city’s first Latina-owned cannabis dispensary opened in Union Square.

Cindy De La Vega’s pot shop STIIIZY, is located on 180 O’Farrell Street at Powell. As a survivor of domestic abuse, De La Vega says it has always been a dream of hers to own her own business.

“I don’t come from money. So this is a big opportunity to show that if you do the work, it’s going to pay off,” she said.

According to De La Vega, she wants to set an example for all women and girls who hope to start their own business. Her store is also the first to open through the city’s cannabis equity program.

De La Vega says that cannabis dispensaries are among the few businesses showing growth right now in San Francisco.

According to her store’s website, STIIIZY Mission Retail is in one of the top locations San Francisco has to offer! Not only is the Mission District now home to all of your STIIIZY needs, but it is also home to a strong art community.

Introducing the new generation of cannabis — fully equipped with interactive/visual art installations, exclusive STIIIZY merch, and more… STIIIZY MISSION is your one-stop shop for all things cannabis and lifestyle! Visit now for an immersive cannabis experience like no other.

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