You’ve heard of Black Friday but have you ever heard of Green Wednesday?

Hundreds of thousands of legal marijuana smokers in the U.S. are gearing up for this Wednesday as it will officially be Green Wednesday, the day of sales much like Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the marijuana sector.

Marijuana enthusiasts will be able to get discounted joints as well as edibles, tinctures, and vaporizer cartridges.

Matt Janz, marketing head for The+Source retail shop in Las Vegas told Leafly, “Green Wednesday is the perfect opportunity to prepare for food fights with in-laws, all-day baking affairs, and defeating the indomitable itis.”

It was California delivery service Eaze that says they coined the term “Green Wednesday” in 2016.

“It’s becoming more recognized every year,” said John Ford, vice president of retail at Chalice Farms in Oregon.

Cannabis analytics company Headset has found that nationwide orders are up 40% on Green Wednesday over an average day.

Kristine Lyng, the Director of Digital Marketing at Caliva, a San Jose retailer has said that sales on Green Wednesday run double the average Wednesday.

If there was ever a year to look forward to Green Wednesday it would be 2020. “People have relied on cannabis this year more than ever before,” said Caliva’s Lyng.

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