California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, has signed AB 2020, a bill authored by Assemblyman Bill Quirk of Hayward, that will allow cities the authority to approve temporary marijuana events.

According to Quirk, the bill grants local jurisdictions the power to determine what venues temporary cannabis events can happen in.

Quirk stated, “Cannabis events support local economies and small businesses.

Despite the fiscal and communal benefits such events bring to a city or local community, current law prohibits local governments from approving applications for cannabis sales at special events if they are held anywhere but on county fairgrounds.”
AB 2020 fixes this gap by allowing local governments to approve temporary cannabis event licenses at any venue they wish to permit, said Quirk.

Oakland City Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan said, “I want to thank Assemblymember Quirk for his leadership, hard work and determination in authoring AB 2020 and his efforts with getting the bill to the Governor.”

Kaplan remarked, “I also want to thank Governor Brown for signing this landmark legislation. With this bill now law, any local jurisdiction can choose to take part in this robust industry, while supporting small businesses, enhancing regional economic opportunities, and maintaining safety.”

The bill AB 2020 will go into effect on Jan. 1.

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