A 17-year old high school student named CJ from Georgia is at the center of a debate on whether or not high schools should allow cannabis oil.

According to a store from WSBTV’s Rikki Klaus, the high school student’s father said he has had about 15 seizures and has hit his head half a dozen times. It’s cannabis oil however that has allowed the boy to be seizure free for the last few months.

It was in the middle of January that CJ started to take cannabis oil and he has been seizure free sine then. His father commented, “He’s going from having two seizures a month or one seizure a month, and now he hasn’t had any? That’s like, wow.”

The problem however is that the boy’s high school won’t allow it on the campus. He has had to skip his classes just to make sure he doesn’t miss his dose.  “It’s hard because you don’t know if this is your last breath your child is taking. You just don’t know,” said the student’s father to Klaus.

CJ is one of 1,700 patients that have signed up in the state of Georgia for medical marijuana but is stuck in a difficult situation with not being able to take his doses at school. Currently it violates federal law for a student to bring marijuana onto their school’s campus.

CJ’s father said, “So I’ve got to come pick him up every day, check him out of school, bring him to the house.”

State law conflicting with federal law has been a major issue especially in this case.

Hopefully his case sheds light on things needing to change.

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