Nielsen, a worldwide data and information global research firm, has projected that legal cannabis sales in the U.S. will reach $41 billion by the year 2025.

The forecast includes all products manufactured from the marijuana plant and the hemp plant and all compounds derived from cannabis sativa.

In the firm’s Total Consumer Report 2019, it is predicted that the sales of cannabis consumer packaged goods will rise five times that of 2018’s sales.

Nielsen has also reported that the average “cannabis-interested” U.S. citizen is twice as likely to have tobacco products in their household, with cannabis-interested adults making up 65% of the population who are trying to quit smoking. Forty-one percent of whom would consider using cannabis for smoking cessation. Users are also 41% more likely to drink beer, with 1 in 5 cannabis consumers saying they spend less on store-bought beer as a result of consuming cannabis. Additionally they are 36% more likely to have neck and back pain, with 65% of cannabis-interested consumers using over-the-counter pain medications to manage pain, and 35% of that group considering using cannabis as a replacement to these OTC medications.

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