Maine’s Nova Analytic Labs has received the go ahead this month to begin testing adult-use cannabis.

The company’s workers have said that testing marijuana is not just about making sure the product is safe, but measuring its potency, which determines how it can be sold and provides buyers with information about the product.

“That’s important when someone wants to test their product, and then move it and sell it to the next licensee,” said Nova Analytic Co-Founder and CEO Christopher Altomare.

This process can take anywhere from 2-5 days depending on the facility and state regulations.

With Nova it typically takes three days, which they say is better for the clients.

“Waiting five days, almost two weeks in some other states, has a big impact on business and their ability to operate efficiently,” Altomare said.

Currently there are only two approved facilities for testing adult use cannabis in the entire state.

“There’s a big fear of a lab bottle neck,” Altomare said. “It is a large state, right? And that is a hurdle we’re going to have to manage.”

“There’s a lot of different licensing processes that we had to go through as a laboratory, not only from the Office of Marijuana Policy, but Maine CDC, to have the technological aspects of what we do,” Altomare said on why there may not be more labs.

According to the Office of Marijuana Policy, the state sold more than $1.9 million worth of product in December, the highest monthly total since stores opened in October.

“It depends on the level of tourism we see this summer, but I do have high expectations,” Altomare said of the future of marijuana sales in the state.

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